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  • Fábio Colaço

    One Million, 2019-2020
    One million euros of shredded euro banknotes
    Variable dimensions
    © Bruno Lopes

    Dark Cloud, 2021
    Recycled PVC, 19m3 of helium, nylon ropes
    260 x 530 x 72 cm (cloud)
    © Fábio Colaço

    Fortune [From the series “Covers”], 2019
    Adhesive vinyl on Plexiglass
    168 x 118 cm
    Ed. 5 + AP
    © Fábio Colaço

    Eclipse, 2018
    HD video, color, silent, 1’30’’
    Variable dimensions
    © Fábio Colaço

    Ostrich, 2016
    Video, colour, sound, 3’00’’
    Variable dimensions
    Ed.5 + 2 AP
    © Fábio Colaço

    Untitled (no chance), 2022
    Black bakelite
    25 x (16 x 16 x 16 mm each)
    © Fábio Colaço

    Time is Money, Money is Power, Power Corrupts Eventually [From the series “Meme Paintings” (2019-2020)], 2019
    Oil on canvas
    100 x 100 cm
    © Fábio Colaço

    Fábio Colaço (1995) was born in Lisbon, where he lives and works.

Holds a degree in Sculpture and a master degree in Performance and Installation from Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon. He also studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich.
He exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad in solo and group exhibitions, highlighting the exhibitions: (2020) “One Million”, Appleton Box, Lisbon, PT; (2020) “Trabalho Capital # Greve Geral”, curated by Paulo Mendes, Centro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira, PT; (2020) “5 Años de Atelier Solar”, curated by Alejandro Alonso Moro, Cruce, Madrid, ES; (2019) “Prémio Arte Jovem Fundação Millennium BCP”, Centro Português de Serigrafia, Lisbon, PT; (2019) “I Will Take the Risk”, curated by Carolina Trigueiros e Tomaz Hipólito, Azan, Lisbon, PT; (2018) “Where Plato Taught”, curated by Christian Jankowski, Franzensfeste/Fortezza, Bolzano, IT; (2018) “Jahresausstellung”, Akademie der Bildenden Künst, Munich, DE; (2017) “Ciclo do Liminar #9”, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, PT; (2016) “in possível – com n… entrar na possibilidade”, Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Azores, PT.

In 2016, he was nominated for “Artes e Talentos” award, the winner of “Revelação D. Fernando II” award in 2017, and more recently, the winner of “Arte Jovem Fundação Millennium BCP” award in 2019.

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