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  • The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
    Opening: 08.04.2021

    The Air-Conditioned Nightmare is Diogo Bolota’s first solo exhibition at UMA LULIK__.

    The title of the show refers to the book by Henry Miller, a memoir about his road trip across the United States in 1939, first ublished in 1945. Eight sculptures lend the character of an installation to the exhibition space. Titled with excerpts from Henry Miller’s book, the pieces establish a dialogue between themselves. When we enter the gallery, the installation confronts us with completeness, an evocation of a three-dimensional painting that convokes the issues of private space, the real and the un-real, of the dissection as a metaphor for the human condition.

    – UMA LULIK__


    “Behind the glass pane, the limbo between observer and the operating room, the chewing of a reddish gum. The bittersweet flavour adds to the nervousness of the ongoing risk surgery. It could be a loved one, but the heartbreak here is in knowing that that being may die alone.

    To dismember, to disembowel, to dissect are verbs that disassemble the complexity of the ontological unit. “Being” is not a “part” but a whole.

    When reduced to dust, the elemental matter of life, we enter a state that preceded our design: the skeleton. It is ironic that a large mammal can survive on plankton, which metaphorically is nothing but dust. Physically, we are dust…

    We are inseparable from our space — at home, the bedroom is the most private of rooms, where we retreat into theintimacy of our bed. When lying down, we see the dark, we see particles of that same dust. This dreamlike cradle is like quicksand, the edge of the real — awareness is a tenuous state.

    – Diogo Bolota

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